Voi teams up with DriveTech for online road safety module

Voi has teamed up with DriveTech to deliver a training programme to support its commitment to safe e-scooter use.

“Together, we created an online learning module to help our riders and the public become familiar with e-scooters, identify risks on the road, and learn what they can do to encourage road safety,” said a Voi statement. “Education is particularly important, because e-scooters are a new form of transportation.”

The module is intended to enhance and complement Voi’s existing safe-rider education programme, including RideLikeVoila, which has trained over 500,000 users to date. Topics include safe and sensible parking, responsible riding behaviour, and recognition for other road-users and pedestrians.

Colin Paterson, head of marketing at DriveTech, said: “It was clear from talking to our Voi colleagues that safety was simply not going to be a tick-box exercise.

“The team was passionate to include a component in the learning module that addresses other road users to ensure they are aware of, and sensitive to, the additional presence of e-scooters, and RideLikeVoila is pretty pioneering stuff.”

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