Velorian launches specialist e-bike signal lights on Kickstarter

Berlin-based start-up Velorian has launched a set of signal lights, designed specifically for e-bikes, on Kickstarter.

The Blinkerset, which has been in development and testing for over three years, was created by founder and engineer Eckehard Bahr. Designed to increase safety by increasing visibility while also removing the need for hand signals, the product is said to possess high-quality individual components and motorcycle-proven mini LED indicators.

The indicators, in combination with newly-developed control electronics and mounting material, are said to fit all e-bikes and e-pedelecs. The ride’s battery supplies the Blinkerset with power.

“For a long time, I have been riding my bike every day in the Berlin area, and the need for useful accessories for more safety grew very quickly,” said Bahr. “As a person with an affinity for technology, aspects such as reliability, durability, stability and compliance with legal requirements were important to me, as well as an attractive and discreet appearance.”

“High-performance e-bikes have long been established in everyday road use. [But] the electrical energy of bicycles can be useful not only for fast and comfortable riding, but also for more safety on the way from A to B.”

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