Tier launches integrated e-scooter helmet

Tier claims to have become the first e-scooter company to launch an integrated e-scooter helmet.

The foldable helmet sits inside a smart on the scooter’s upright bar, which is unlocked with the scooter is rented via an app. The smart box has already been rolled-out in Paris and Berlin, with a plan for more than 5,000 e-scooters to get the helmet upgrade over the summer.

Tier, which operates in over 55 cities in nine countries, doesn’t currently operate in the UK, but has applied to take part in this month’s Government trials. 

Tier is Europe’s leading provider of “micro-mobility”, operates in 55+ cities in 9 countries. The company doesn’t currently operate in the UK, but has applied to take part in the government trails next month.

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