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E-bikes set to take charge in post-pandemic UK

18% of UK adults are more likely to buy an e-bike now than they were before the pandemic, a survey by VOLT has found. The research also showed a shift from public to personal travel modes post-pandemic – with commuters suggesting that, on average, they are 39% less likely to …

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E-scooter hire schemes bring travel behaviour changes in Essex, Spin data shows

Survey data released by Spin has shown how riders across Essex have shifted their travel behaviour since the introduction of the shared e-scooter hire scheme. 82% of Spin users have opted for a ride with an e-scooter instead of driving alone at least once since the scheme has launched and, …

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Twice as many people support use of e-scooters than oppose them, new poll finds

Just under half of people (48%) support the use of e-scooters, compared to 24% of those who don’t, a survey commissioned by Voi from findoutnow.co.uk has found. Of those in favour of the continued e-scooter roll-out, more than half believe that if we’re to lower the levels of pollution across the …

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