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European Commission to review regulation surrounding LEVs and type approval

The European Commission has initiated a review of Directive 168/2013, which regulates type approval for vehicles with two or more wheels. LEVA-EU has argued “long and hard” for a review of the regulation, saying how the market potential of light electric vehicles (LEVs) covered by the type approval is being …

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European e-bike imports drop 30%

LEVA-EU has revealed the European import and export statistics for electric bicycles in 2019, with imports from outside the EU shrinking by around 30%. In 2018, there were still more than one million electric bicycles with pedal assistance up and a power of no more than 250W imported into the …

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LEVA-EU says ‘blanket’ EU regulation ‘choking’ LEV sector

LEVA-EU is calling for an “urgent” change in EU regulations it says are “seriously hindering manufacturers”. The advocacy group said the issue has been brought into focus as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with cities across Europe encouraging use of more light, electric vehicles (LEV), such as e-bikes, as …

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