Pure Electric to distribute Analog Motion’s AMX Le Classic

Pure Electric has agreed an exclusive distribution deal with Analog Motion to offer its customers the new Analog Motion AMX Le Classic. “The e-bike is set to define the highly competitive lightweight commuter category,” said a statement, “following a series of customer-led refinements by Analog Motion from the original AM1 …

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Voi unveils first ‘pollution sensing’ e-scooter

Voi Technology has unveiled the Voiager 4 (V4), an e-scooter that can measure air quality as it travels through urban areas. The V4 has been designed to contribute to lowering traffic congestion and fuels, as well as helping cities to collect data on the improvements. It will be introduced to …

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Bern’s e-bike certified Hudson MIPS helmet now available

Bern’s e-bike certified Hudson MIPS helmet is now available. Designed for commuters, it is the brand’s ‘safest yet’, rated for use up to 27 mph. This new standard ‘raises the bar for protection’, said the brand, requiring 10% more impact tested coverage for the most sensitive parts of the brain, …

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