Metz, INTIS team up to launch ‘first-ever’ inductive micromobility charging platform

Metz has collaborated with Integrated Infrastructure Solutions (INTIS) to develop what the pair are calling the ‘world’s first’ inductive charging option for e-bikes and e-scooters.

According to the pair, the charging platform will be compatible with all e-scooter makes and models, and the inductive charging enables adaption for e-bike sharing and e-cargo bikes.

“This high-tech system is made in Germany and can be adapted to customer requirements for a wide range of electric mobility applications,” read a joint statement. “The integration of the ‘Easy Charge’ with a storage battery and solar PV is also under development.

“Thanks to cutting-edge German technology, people can park their e-scooter on the Easy Charge platform and the inductive charging process begins automatically. A cable connection is no longer required. The performance and the efficiency of inductive charging equals charging via a cable connection. In addition, the Easy Charge uses intelligent control to protect the battery and increase its lifetime.”

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