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Renaissance Rider-Mechanic: The polymath of on-demand delivery rider support
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about us

there is no ‘i’ in nothng, there is only ‘we’

we’re on a mission to create effortless products and experiences with communities for communities.

as creators and entrepreneurs we have a responsibility to tackle the greatest challenges facing the world that we have the capacity to solve.

today, we’re solving ‘how we move people and things through space’.

join us if you want to be part of a rapidly growing terrestrial space start-up that is taking on local, global and human challenges. London is our pilot city and in 2022 we will be setting up bases in more cities.

each day at nothng HQ is different and the company is transforming rapidly.

we work with individuals who welcome transformation at a personal, business and societal level.


we’re hiring a new breed of rider-mechanics. Humans who are as happy blasting through their city on an electric bike as they are tools-in-hand, servicing our ever-growing fleet of ebikes that are serving tens of thousands of customers a month. These are just 2 of an ever-growing number of tasks that could make up part of this role – you don’t need to do everything, but we don’t hire people who can only do one thing.


you communicate through action that you try new things, i.e you start doing it and ask lots of seemingly silly questions [ there is so such thing as a silly question ]

you show that you care, by being diligent in your work and putting your team first and yourself second; your whole team in turn will put you first and themselves second.

you love to move. Sun, rain, club, gym, garden, beach, ball-pit or street, we don’t care where or how you move, just that you love moving. This is not a job for those who want to sit by a desk, staring at screens. 

This is a job for those who recognise that humans were not designed to sit at a desk staring at a screen all day. This is a job for city working daydreamers who want to be outside. This is a job for those of us who never really wanted to ‘adult’. This is a job for those who want to find playfulness in every moment.

you bring your best self each day.


  • be a trained mechanic for our pool of riders – training provided. the assembly, inspection and servicing of bikes are subject to the highest standards and beyond
  • mechanic first, secondary rider
  • deliver orders to our customers in a timely manner
  • your tasks could vary depending on the needs of the company – expect a highly varied and ever-changing role in a startup environment
  • respond to support issues both virtually [text, video] and in-person [ workshop or on location]


we look for individuals with positive energy. you will need to be able to work with a team and be autonomous by owning and being responsible for your own projects.

you enjoy solving problems, are a doer, curious and highly pro-active. you are open-minded, and always willing to discuss/improve/change over time at nothng.

enthusiasm for bikes is definitely a plus. having a strong interest in new forms of mobility is welcomed (cycling, delivery, mobility, tech, EV).

you are organised and clean. you care about people, the company values and our products. we are aiming for high standards that every rider deserves to be treated the same way, with respect and understanding.

being part of a start-up requires being adaptive, an autodidact, agile, and willing to reflect on your habits and process depending on the needs of the business.

  • you will be the face of our company delivering to the doors of our customers. We expect you to give the best consumer-facing experience by treating our customers as your friends
  • you will be part of our pool and community of riders
  • you will be responsible for your ebike and we expect you to be an excellent rider respecting others in traffic. We aim to be elite riders and like to stand out compared to other riders in town


  • your own high performance, lightweight electric bicycle
  • access to rider lounges with hot/cold drinks, snacks and other amenities [coming in 2022]
  • Regular training with a highly motivated team
  • Industry-leading levels of pay
  • you tell us [ we are building a truly rider first company because we realise that if our riders are happy, the quality of the delivery is better and customers will choose the company that delivers the best experience ]
  • you will be supported, fully and will be part of a tribe of people working towards a single common goal, to improve how our cities move 
  • the ability to be part of a young and high growth potential company.
  • 28 days holidays (incl. bank holidays)
  • opportunity for flexible hours
  • private health insurance [BUPA – Optional]
  • pension
  • your own ebike
  • team lunches and snacks
  • annual company retreat


send us an email with your motivation and resume if you are called to join a new challenge to

we are looking forward to meeting you!

To apply for this job email your details to

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