BikeTrax now available for e-bikes with Yamaha motors

BikeTrax for Yamaha is now available at all BikeTrax dealers and in the PowUnity online store.

BikeTrax for Yamaha engines can be retrofitted directly by end customers. With the help of the enclosed step-by-step instructions, the GPS tracker installed is ‘invisible’ to thieves from the outside.

The BikeTrax theft protection is hidden inside the e-bike and is directly supplied by the e-bike battery. In case of any unauthorised movement, it sends a motion alarm to the associated PowUnity app.

BikeTrax is also available for e-bikes with engines such as Bosch, Brose and Shimano.

Meanwhile, PowUnity recently competed in the Wings for Life Run with employees, customers and partners.

Hundreds of thousands of runners were tracked live via GPS using the Wings for Life app, which PowUnity knows well thanks to its own BikeTrax GPS tracker. Together, the team covered a distance of more than 550km, donating over €1,000 to spinal cord research.

“When the idea came up to jog together for a good cause, we didn’t want to start without having our customers on board,” said Stefan Sinnegger, co-founder of PowUnity.

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